Jessika Sillanpää

Relative expert of a crime, lecturer, consultant and working with grief processing in private and public sector at Jessikasstory

We often talk about the perpetrator and the victim in a crime, but far too rarely about relatives and what happens to the children. Did you know that 160,000 children each year have a parent convicted of a crime where the children are left without support? And around 30,000 children every year have a parent on probation or in prison? It is thousands of children EACH YEAR who are forgotten with no support system and this is only the numbers in Sweden, can you imagine how much that is on a global level? I can’t, and I won’t close my eyes to this problem anymore. Can you?

Why you should work with me in this area?

In 2012 I was one of them when my father got in prison for attempted murder of my mother. The lack of support and knowledge from society, authorities and national guidelines for relatives of a crime left me as a young adult at 19 years old with thoughts about suicide, own criminality, loans and drugs. Instead I struggled with mental illness and worked so hard and overlooked my health that I puked blood and got hospitalized. But with my 10 years of first-hand experience, I managed to turn my story and my health around. Today I am self-employed, consultant, lecturer and certified grief counselor in order to be able to help other relatives in a similar situation and helping the public sector to prevent the consequences. My mission and goal is to change the conditions for support for relatives both now and in the long term.

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